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San Jacinto County Documents:

Open Records Request #1

Open Records Request #2

Documents sent to San Jacinto CAD from UEC on 5 February 2015

Exemption denials from San Jacinto CAD to UEC received 4 August 2015

Letter to San Jacinto CAD from UEC 14 August 2015


The CEMETERY GROUP is composed of a listing of "green cemeteries" in the United States. We are in hopes that the concept of preserving parts of Planet Eden and nourishing the Earth with our mortal remains will "take off" as it has in Britain where there are now 200 or more "green burial parks" in operation.

Following are the web sites of America's current Green Cemeteries.

Ethician Veterans' Cemetery

Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral Cemetery

Ethician Family Cemetery (Texas)

Russell Family Cemetery (under construction)
Funeral Services That Support Green Burial
Sam Houston Funeral Home - (936) 291-7300
Eickenhorst Funeral Services, Conroe, TX - 936-788-1145
The Greening of Funeral Service
Eco-eternity: An earth-friendly burial idea catches on
- Find A Pathway Through Pain With Some Practical Advice for the Bereaved
- Making Your Own Final Arrangements Is An Act of Compassion
- Tactics to Powering Through a Major Life Change
- Help Your Senior Loved One With These Money Mattters After Losing A Spouse
- 4 Self-Care Practices To Help You Heal From Grief
- When It's Time To Move After A Significant Loss
- How To Get A Fresh Start After The Death Of A Loved One
- Don't Let Grieving Hold You Back From Achieving Your Health Goals
- 6 Helpful Tips to Overcome Grief
- How to Memorialize a Loved One and Move Forward After Their Passing

DON'T CRY FOR ME - by George H. Russell

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The bell was purchased by First Baptist Church in Huntsville in 1891 for their new sanctuary. In 1954, the building that replaced the 1891 sanctuary burned and the bell was sold to another church. The new owners of the bell never erected it and for almost 50 years it lay partially buried in the church yard. Stuart Cox purchased the bell for our Chapel of the Nativity and donated it to us.

Above is a photograph of the bells found at the Ethician Family Cemetery. Photography provided courtesy of Doris Bozarth.